The second single, "You", from Linus Jackson's debut album


Second single from Linus Jackson's debut album Said and done is digitally released worldwide. The song You featuring Vindla String Quartet, and comes with the bonus track You (Swedish version), that was previously only available on the LP-version of the album.


The words of the song express unconditional love, but the music implies that something is wrong... Strong feelings and a very emotional string arrangement by Caroline Karpinska (Vindla) based on a cello melody by swedish artist Linnea Olsson.



Every day, new crimes against humanity is revealed. All in the name of cooperations, nations or religions. These are: The Lolights of Our Generation.


By shedding light to the horrible things that people do, we hope to enlighten people through our music. The goal is not to tell people what to think, but to make people think for themselves. And! And. To really enjoy our full steam heavy ass rock music, of course.


tLoOG are in preproduction.



Modern, but 60's smelling retro rock/pop. Vintage keys, guitars, drums and bass is working together with amazing string arrangements. There's also sitar, vibraphonette, glockenspiel, cello and other lovely guest performances by musicians like Linnea Olsson, Conny Bloom, Hey Mary, Ola Hultgren, Fredrik Hermansson, Filippa Nässil and Elin Lowén.


Emotional lyrics based on real life and one cover on the Tom Waits song "Underground".



Did you think making the Guns 'N' Roses album Chinese Democracy took a long time? Well, 90s alternative rockers The Sgativeare still to release their second album since the debut 1996... Having decided not to comment on allegations of being extremely lazy, being reported missing in six continents, or the fact that most of the band members have been declared dead at one time or another, it's safe to say that we don't have a lot of information about this band.


While waiting for the next album, do check out the debut album, one often overlooked postmodern masterpiece of the 90s alternative explosion, 'Crime, Fashion, Idiots & Ducks'.



is a goth-rockband from Stockholm blending surf/cowboy guitars with majestic keyboards. The songs are catchy yet moody, easily recognized by the characteristic deep voice of lead singer and guitarist Mattias Thornesköld.


Crowned "Best in Sweden" by Close-up Magazine and has been on heavy rotation on American radio. The first couple of songs were recorded by the band in a cellar studio at the Swedish Radio, later being aired on the P3 Rock show a few floors up.

Debut EP "Tonight" was followed by their self titled album in 2010.

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